We use a highly collaborative design process to ensure your landscape is a place that will compliment your lifestyle and bring natural beauty into your daily activities.

PHASE 1: Initial Meeting and Site Map
Client Questionnaire: Before our first meeting, we ask you to complete a client questionnaire to help us understand your overall goals for the project and particular preferences.
On-site Consultation: Next, we meet with you on-site to learn more about your specific needs and ideas for the space. This meeting typically lasts 1 hour, and is both creative and practical. We explore your design aesthetic, preferred types of plants, goals for using the space, and site factors such as views, sun/shade patterns, existing plant/hardscape material, and irrigation needs. From this meeting, we will develop an initial proposal for a landscape design with detailed scope of work and design fee.
Base Map and Site Study: We come to your site and take detailed measurements and photographs of your space. This information is used to create a scaled base map that becomes the basis of your landscape design.

PHASE 2: Research and Concept Design
Research: Using the base map to guide our work, we develop 1 – 2 preliminary concept designs that meet your project requirements. We research and share materials and images that capture the potential look and feel of your new landscape.
Design Concepts: We meet with you and present the preliminary design concepts that incorporate the plants and hardscape elements. During this meeting, we gather your feedback on which elements and options most resonate with you.

PHASE 3: Revised Concept and Plant Palette
Using your input, we further refine the design concept, research appropriate hardscape materials, and create an initial plant palette based on your preferences and the site’s particular climate issues. We then meet with you to discuss the Revised Concept and Plant Palette and Material selections.

PHASE 4: Planting Plan and Final Master Plan
We make final materials and plant selections and draw up the Master Plan including a detailed hardscape plan, a planting plan with a plant key, and plan notes regarding materials and design. We provide you with both digital and paper versions of the Master Plan for your new landscape.

Clients typically hire a licensed Landscape Contractor to build and install their landscape design. Depending on the complexity of the project, this can involve multiple contractors (for swimming pools or other complex features). We know many of the landscape contractors in the area and can make recommendations to trusted colleagues if you need assistance. We are also available to be on-site during key points during the installation to solve problems and make adjustments that bring out the full potential of your Master Plan.